“Angelika has helped me by truly listening, understanding, and caring. Her ability to empathize has helped me grow and find my path.  Her tips has improved my focus and has structured my routine on a daily basis”.  I was at a low time in my life, feeling lost with no direction, when I came across her card at the Clean Plate.  I was lead to pic it up & call her.  Six months later I’m feeling renewed, focused and excited with the path I’m following and headed for.  There is now a light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you my friend    –  CF, Clinton Twp


Thank you for sharing about doTERRA essential oils during your California stay.  Your caring for others to experience health is evident in all you do!  It was a blessing to learn from you.  Thanks for giving your time and sharing – LV, San Jose, CA


After getting MFT procedure done and taking my supplements, I did notice a difference right away. The HZ chord got rid of one mole on my neck. I am sleeping better. Anxiety is not really my problem but i am happier. DB, Southfield





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